Potrzebuję zdania z każdym niżej wymienionym wyrazem:
a mansion- willa
a rumour-plotka
flashy- szpanerski
to dare- ważyc sie ("nie waż sie tego robic")
a bruise-siniak
nails - paznokcie
ivestigator - śledzczy



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. My aunt lives in beautifull mansion with garden.
2. I hate rumours !
3. My friend has got a flashy mobile phone.
4. What sort of films do you like?
5. Don't you dare !
6. After football match i have lot's of bruises on my legs.
7. I read this book frequently.
8. My dog has got rough hair.
9. I must cut my nails. They are too long.
10.My uncle is a investigator.
Your VILLA is beautiful!
This RUMOUR is funny!
INVESTIGATOR general enters to share!
But you have FLASHY computer!
SORT of this t-shirt is odd.
Weigh oneself to touch me!
But you have large BRUISE!
You entertain FREQUENTLY of me.
Your borda is ROUGH.
Your NAILS are neat.
J leav in mansion.
This is a rumour.
This is rumour.
This handclock is flashy.
the comedy is sort of film.

J have bruise.
J frequently watch tv.
My teacher rough.
Girls paints nails.
My fatrher work in Investigator department.