Napisz formalny ( letter formal ) na temat problemów ( np. ze sprzętem, problemów w hotelu itp.)

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Global Office Supplies
PO BOX 340
Bohamwood Hearts WD6 1LT
23 January 2009

MR Patric Rhodes
Wiseman Medical Supplies
56 Eldon Road
Edinburgh EH1 3HP

Dear Sir or Madam.
i am writing to complain a material on your shop. one month ago i bought in your shop a washing maschine.
The problem is that this maschine do not good function. when i want to make a wash i must wait before it will be activating. yesterday when the wash was starting this wash maschine flooded a my flat. my neighbours were fluffy. now i must pay my neighbours by makes - over and by punitive damages. now i can not make a wash. my bath room is only for makes- over. and i have not a money. i read on your page that your shop pay back a punitive damages or give a new maschines.
i want that this problem will iron out a good for a two side. i wait on your proposition with iron out this problem.
your faithfully
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