Witam, mam do zrobienia plakat o zaśmiecaniu plaży, muszę wyjaśnić jak mogę temu zapobiec itp. na podstawie tych pytań.. a to zadanie:
exc. 8.
Answer the questions about pullution on beaches.
1. Do many people visit the beaches in your country?
2. What rubbish do they leave?
3. How does this affect people and animals?
4. What will happen if this continues?
5. What can we do to help?
trzeba napisać to w trzech paragrafach:
1:The situation.
2:What's the problem?
3: How can you help?



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. Our beaches visit a lof of people especially in the summer
2 They leave plastic and glass bottles, paper rubbish, cigarettes.
3. People by leaving rubbish destory their natural environment.
4. We can do a large damage to environment.Water polution kills fisches in the river, pollution couse the greenhouse effect, global warming, holes in the ozone layer or acid rains.
5. We can put the dumpsters in the beach, and people who litter up, should get a fine from the police.
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