Odpowiedz na pytania z tekstu pelnymi zdaniami .

a)What does Jenny prefer , fruit or cakes?
b)Does Jenny do a lot of exercie?
c)What does Mike prefer football or computer games ?
d)How does Mike go to school?
e)How are children in Britain today different from children in the past
f)What is the doctor 's recommendation about Jenny and Mike ' s Lifestyles.

Mike 15

Perhaps my diet isn ' t the best because Ieat fast food .I know that fruit and vegatables are healthier than hamburgers , butit s diffcult for me because i think fast food is the nicest type of food I really love it . The news is i love sport too I think that playing football is more exciting than playing computer games It makes you fitter and stronger I always walk to school and when I go to my friends house I go by bike not by bus

Jenny 16

I don t eat much fast food I think salads are better for you than fast food and fruit is nicer than cakes or sweets But i don t do much exercie . My dad takes me to school in his car and I spend a lot oftime playing computer games and watching TV The healthiest thing I do is PE at school



Jenny prefers fruits than cakes.
Jenny doesn't do a lot of exercises.
Mike prefers play in footbal.
mike always wlalks to school.
A lot of children prefr play on computer, they don't make exercises,and don't like sport but small part of teen havea good lifestyle.
Jenny should do exercises and Mike shouldn't eat fast food only healthier food.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
A) Jenny prefers fruit.
b) No, she doesn't.
c) Mike prefers football.
d) Mike always walks to school.
e) Children in Britain today do less exercise and eat more fast food than children in the past.
f) The doctor's recommendation for Mike is: Eat less fast food and more fruit, vegetables, that will be healthier for you!
The doctor's recommendation for Jenny is: Do more exercises, they're healthier than playing computer games!