Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. As sometime had on name Miley Cyrus ?
Had on name Miley Cyrus is Destiny Hope Cyrus .

2.how many year Miley Cyrus?
Miley Cyrus is 17

3. When has been born it Miley?
Has been born 23 rd November

4.How is called dad Miley?
Dad Miley is called Billy

5.What played it movie in last time Miley?
It played " The last song"

6. How has present boy on name Miley?
Name it Liam

In the End

1. Jak kiedyś Miley miała na imię?
Miley miałą na imie Destiny Hop Cyrus

2. Ile lat ma Miley?
Miley ma 17 lat

3. Kiedy Miley sie urodziła?
23 listopada się urodziła Miley

4. Jak nazywa się tato Miley?
Tato Miley to Billy

5. W jakim filmie grała ostatnio Miley?
Grała w The last song

6. Jak ma na imię obecny chłopak Miley?
Obecny chłopak miley to Liam


Myślę ze dobrze! :)

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Robert Pattinson
1In which year were you born and where he lived?
-May 13, 1986 in London

2 Czy ma on rodzeństwo?
Does he have siblings?
-He has two sisters, Victoria and Elizabeth

3 czym zajmują sie jego rodzice?
then deal with his parents?
-His mother, Clare, works in a modeling agency, and his father, Richard, importing cars from USA

4 gdzie zdobył wielką sławę?
where he gained great fame?
-won it playing in the movie 'Twilight'

5 Czy zdobył tam przyjaciół?
whether he won friends there?
- so many inter alia Stweart Kristen, Nikki Reed and others

6 Czy oprócz zawodu aktora komponuje utwory?
Whether in addition to professional actors to compose songs?
- so most of them are "Never Think"

po polsku jest napisane pytanie no a potem po angielsku i odpowiedź
mam nadzieję że pomogłam:)
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A może wywiad??

-Good morning! Can I ask you some questions?
+Yes, of course!
-Where were you born?
+I was born in Rome, Italy.
-How long were you living there?
+I was living there 17 years.
-Why did you leave Rome?
+I left Rome, because I rode away to Hollywood and now I'm living here.
-But, for what did you go to Hollywood?
+I have loved singing since I was a child and I was thinking that I will do there big career.
-And have you reached it?
+Yes, I have.
-Thank you for interview.
+You're welcome.