Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear deans!
Prominent universities that told me my friend, who was also studying in the State. He did it because he believes that will fit perfectly to this place and the atmosphere prevailing in it. Upheld my intelligence, and the level of your school.
My name is XYZ, I'm XYZ years. I graduated from high school, the linguistic profile of promotion and very good results. I won many competitions for linguistic topics - the other International Competition of Knowledge in English, where I took second place, the English National Competition - finalist. Twice participated in exchanges with the school in XYZ.
I would be very grateful, obtaining a scholarship. I would like to also know what the costs would have to pay. Thank you for considering my candidacy, I have great hope that I could study in such a prestigious university, which is yours.
Sincerely - XYZ