Of certain night my parents left to visit friends. I stayed at home alone. Very much I was afraid and suddenly I heard some voice coming from the kitchen. I entered the kitchen quietly. I saw the white figure keeping the knife. I shouted, I escaped into the room and I shut up to the key. When my parents got back home I told them this terrifying stuff, but they didn't believe me.

Może być? ;)
When I and my friends went to the one of the leave abandonded (opuszczony) home we wanted to do a joke. We went into, next up on the stairs and we saw a ghost. This was a women whih has got a white sheet (prześcieradło) and she took in her left hand yellow candle (świeczka). We were very scared and we escape (uciekać). This was amazing (niesamowita) adventure (przygoda)

ps. mam nadzieje ze pomoglem licze na naj xD
Araminta Spookie lives in an old house rozwalającym to the care of her aunt Tabby and bat lover, Uncle Drac. Parents Araminty, during a trip to Transywanii, turned into vampires, and all trace of them disappeared. One day my aunt, bored with the eternal war with a full boiler soot, decides to sell the house. Miss Spookie, who not imagine living in a normal place, it necessarily has to stop. It helps the spirit of a knight in armor, Sir Horace, and the spirit of his esquire, Edmund. Plan together a terrible trap, which is conveniently possible buyers.

Does the trap work? Do you manage to save the Haunted House?