Prepare to talk about a memorable celebration in your family using the following questions.
Tell another student about the celebration.
*What was the occasion?
*Did you take part in the preparations?
What did you do?
*Where did you celebrate?
*Who was there?
*What did everyone do?
*Did anything unexpected happen?
*Did you enjoy the celebration? Why?/Why not?
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
-Tommorow I have my mum bithday
-Oh really? What are you planning?
-Hmmm... I buy a flowers and perfums. My uncle buy a birthday cake and my brother have another gift. We'll celebrate in our house with my dad, brother,uncle and little nephew.
-That is perfect idea.Your mum will very happy andexciting.
-I think so...
-I'll really enjoyable this party beacuse it's 40'th bithrday.
-Okay I must go, Bye bye Chris.
-Bye Stephani