I will go to the shop
I am flying to the Jamaica on Monday
I will get up at 6 a.m
I will have done my homework by Friday
I will be visiting Moscow tomorrow at 2 p.m
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I would like to finish school. After that I would like to go to a university and study chemisty. I would like to get married. I want to have two children. I would like to live in a big house with a huge garden.

I really like swimming. I can do it all day. I like playing basketball. I also love watching basketball matches on TV. I love reading books and magazines. I spend many time on playing computer games and surfing on Internet.

I went to cinema yesterday. I was there with my friend. I watched very interesting movie. I liked it very much. After that we went to restaurant and ate lunch. It was delicious!
Plany na przyszlosc:
1.In the future I want to studying.
2.I want to be a lawyer.
3. I want to find good pay job.
4. In the future I want to have a big house, happy family and dogs, because I like pets.
O sobie:
1.I'm a very sociable,talkative,sensitive and intelligent girl.
2.My favourite sport is volleyball.
3.I like dancing and playing the computer games.
4.My hobby is collecting shells.
5.I like reading books.
Co robiłes wczoraj:
1.Yesterday, I went to the cinema with my friends.
2.I did my homework and played computer games.
3.I went to the shopping with my lovely mother.
4.I want to go to beach but It's raining.
5.I read my favourite book "The Ring".