Pare zdań o rodzinie. Opis rodziny. Jak wyglądają, ile mają lat. Muszą znaleść się zdania z "look like", "both", "is like"... I jeszcze około 3 zdania porównujące.
Możecie nazmyślać. Niech będzie mama, tata i 2 siostry.



I am very similiar to my sister because we both have pale faces and big eyes. We look like a little bit like our mother - we have the same color of eyes and big hips.
But if it comes to my character, I took completely after my father. We both like hiking in the mountains, breathing fresh air and going with the dog. He is a vet and I also would like to be a vet in future. We have also similiar hobbys. We both like fishing and taking care of animals.
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In my house we are 5 people.My mum Jessica,my dad Anthony and my two sisters : Tania and Samanta.And me of course.My mum is 35,dad 40,Tania is 12 and Samanta 10.Mym mum has got thin,brow hair,green eyes,and she is tall.My dad has got little,black hair,brown eyes and she is taller than mum.Tania has got long,blond hair,beautiful,big,blue eyes and she is very nice.Samanta is very slim.She has got black,short hair and brown eyes.
I am ...(wstaw liczbę).I am as tall as my mum.I have got the same colour of eyes what my dad.i have got short,blond hair and I am slim.
My sister Tania look like my mum(in youth).She has got the same nose,mouth and face.Samanta and dad-they are both very nervous.

My dad is taller than mym mum.
Samanta is the shortest of the family.
Mum is the most beutiful of the family.

mam nadzieję że dobrze ;))
ale moze byc cos zle.raczej na pewno cos sei znajdzie <hahahah>xD
powodzenia ;D
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