Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Christmas is a happy, festival.This is a unique time when people try to be kind,friendly and generous to one another.Christmas trees are set up in every home and decorated with sparkling tinsel,candles,chains,toys and trinkets.Streets are lit by coloured lamps;shops are full of people buying presents,choosing Christmas cards.Children write letters to Santa and then put them under the pillow. When the first star appears in the sky,people take seal at the Christmas table.They do not forget leaving an empty place for an unexpected guest.To begin the feast a special wafer is broken into pieces and shared with others.The table is convered with white tablecloth and hay is spread on it. The most religious Poles go to church for Midnight Mass called"pasterka" Other stay at home listen to carols or sing them.
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Christmas is probably the most important holiday for the whole year this holiday is celebrated because on that day Jesus was born on this day the family sat down together to eat and drink tables and discuss some of the gifts is to buy a similar holiday tradition is celebrated also in other countries and in America England cited Europe I personally like this festival because it is something to eat
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