Napisz po angielsku.
W czasie pobytu w USA poznałeś osobę, która dokonała niezwykłego czynu. Opowiedz o niej:
- krótko przedstaw tę osobę i napisz gdzie się poznaliście
- opowiedz o niezwykłym czynie tej osoby
- powiedz jakie są dobre skutki tego czynu.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
A year ago when I was in USA I met an Old Woman. She was alone and she had no money and she live in poorhouse. Her husband died in accident. I've never heard her name.
On a cold autumn day she was sitting on a park banch as usual. I stood up and walked to her. Introduced myself. Took me very warm. I told her about my family, boyfriend and about Poland.
Next day I couldn't find her. Suddenly I heard the ambulance and fire engine. I ran in that direction as it turned out that the fire outbreak in a poorhouse. I was looking for this old woman but I couldn't find her. A woman shouted that burning bulding was her child. Firefighters couldn't help her because the flames were too big. Suddenly gathered cries of admiration. Of fire appeared to the Old Woman who was bringed a child. Mother this child thank for saving her child. The Old Woman saved the child but she had a lot of burns.
She died two month later. The child life for today, she called Jena and in this year she go to first class. I often met this women at the tomb of Old Woman.