The Internet is one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century giving access to vast amounts of information at the click a button. Whatever you might be interested in, from scanned pages of rare manuscripts to the latest films and video clips, you can be sure to find it on the Web. You can get the latest on world events,soprts and weather. It is not only information that reaches us more quickly, schopping has also never been so fast and relaxing. You can get product delivered to yours doom rather than having to stand in queues. For many, the Internet has made life much easier and more interesting
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One of many inventions is the cell phone. The first such phone was created in 1956 by the Swedish company Ericsson. Phone weighed 40 kilograms, and resembled the shape of a suitcase. The device would cost as much as a car. December 3, 1992 was sent the first SMS message. Modern mobile phones are equipped with many features such as afarat, voice recorder, MP3 player.
Are the most popular among children. Currently, the best companies producing cells that Apple and Nokia
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