You: (ask for your tickets.)
1... tickets to Tower bridge and back, please?
Assistant: Centainly.
You: ( ask the price) ...?
Assistant: £8.00 for adults and £4.00 for children under 14.
You: (ask about special rates for students) ...?
Assistant: Yes.For students, it's £5.00.
You: (say how many tickets you want for adults, students and children.) ...
Assistant: Can I see your students card(s), please.?
You: (you haven't go it/them with you.) ...
Assistant: I'm sorry, but you have to have a student card to get a reduction.
You: Oh, OK.
Assistant: Here you are.That's your ... altogether, please.



1)Can I Have
2) How much are they?
3)Are they any discounts for student's?
4)two adults ticket, one student ticket,and three children please
5)We haven't them with us
6) three tak myśle ale to zależy od biletu dla dorosłych ;)
1.Can I get
2.What is the price?
3.Have you some special rates for students?
4.I would like one students ticket.
5.I'm sorry but I haven't got card on me.