Read and write
Aliki: Manuel, heve you heard there's a ghost at ACE. Lucy (1)________ me she'd seen it last night.
Manuel: Really? What did she (2)________?
Aliki: She said she'd (3)_________ someone singing in the kitchen, had (4)___________ on the light and had found a boy there.
Manuel: Did she said she(5) __________ never seen him before. The boy ran (6)____________ and Lucy followed him. Then the boy just disappeared. Lucy said she'd never (7)_________ so scared in all her life.
Manuel: Did you believe (8)___________?
Aliki: Not really. I was half-asleep. I (9)________ her that she was dreaming. Then she got annoyed and said she (10)__________ tell everyone about it this morning.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1) told
2) see
3) seen
4) turned
5) had
6) away
7) been
8) her
9) told
10) would
1 told
2 see
3 heard
4 turned
5 had
6 away
7 been
8 her/that
9 told
10 would