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Monday - 8 February 2010

Today I was in school, the test of math get 5 + I missed one point to 6 I was depressed; /
The rest of the day was even Faja, the physical education played in the manual, my team won thanks to my 13 shots on goal.
Polish boredom as well as the nature ....
Pokłuciłam forever with this Olka ..!
So stupid girl, basically I have a lot of friends: Michael, Goshia, Matthew, Martha Berry, Victor ....
So the world has not ended.
I'm going odrabiać lesson because my mother is screaming: D
6th February 2010.

Today, I got up at 9 o'clock. I had a shower and I ate breakfast. I played computer games and I cleaned my room. I watched my favourite sitcom on TV and I went to shop. I bought a lot of beautiful things. I read a book and I helped my mother with house works. It was good day.

/bez ubarwień, po prostu starałam się użyć jak najwięcej czasowników w czasie Past Simple. niektóre nie mają końcówki -ed, ale są w Past Simple (czasowniki nieregularne).
Monday- 7 February 2010

Yesterday I went about seven o'clock. Next I went brushed my teeth. Then I dressed up and I had a breakfast. I went to school at eight o'clock. I finished school half past one p.m. and I went to home by bus. I had a dinner and I did homework. I watched TV and I had a shower. Then I had supper. Next I surfed in net and I went to bad about 22 p.m.

PS: mam nadzieje ze pomoglem.