You mustn't throw ubbish on the ground.
You must sort waste.
You schould pollute lakes and rivers.
You must save energy.
You mustn't cut trees.
You can use recycled materials.
You schouldn't use toixc substances.
You must protect plants and animals.
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1) Don't throw rubbish on the ground - it's rude!
2) Every person should sort wastes, that's the easiest way to rescue the Earth.
3) A lot of companies pollute lakes and rivers, what kills many fish.
4) Many social campaigns calls for saving energy by turning off the light.
5) We should use recycled paper, because a lot of trees are cut down to produce our notebooks.
6) Using recycled materials, such as plastic bags can decrase the amount of pollution.
7) We souldn't use toxic substances if it isn't absolutely nessacary, otherwise our planet would became incredibly polluted.
8) Everybody should protect plants and animals, because without our help, they may vanish very soon