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Polish cuisine, specialty dishes of flour and cereal products (cereal, pasta, dumplings), undergrowth products (mushrooms, fruits, herbs), pork (including sausages and sausage), freshwater fish, game, large quantities of soup with each of the products ( particularly vegetables), pastries (bread, cakes), desserts, spirits and liqueurs. Typical spices horseradish, dill, juniper, black pepper, sour cream, cottage cheese. Vegetables and fruits are typical of beets, cucumbers, cabbage, apples, cherries, blueberries, gooseberries and Central Europe.
Typical Polish dishes that taste salty, salted, lightly fermented or ensiled (eg cucumbers, cabbage, sour milk, bread acid) as well as moderately severe (typical horseradish, newer mustard, chives, onion, garlic, pepper offshore), acute and herbs (juniper, abroad, nutmeg, anise, caraway), acid (sour cream, cabbage and pickled cucumbers) and sour, sweet (usually obtained by apples, blueberries and other fruits are added to food). Widely used, and typical dishes of Polish and Slavic dill and spices from poppy specific tastes, and also once and linseed.

Sharp and strong flavors in the Polish and West Slavic dishes normally rather calm and compliments the cream. Relatively little known in the Polish cuisine is to reduce or emulsifying sauces and fats, vinegar, wine or alcohol, others. Polish beer in the kitchen was used as the basis for a hearty soup (soup), and vodka and tinctures are traditionally eaten separately as alcohol. Reducing the fat content and fatty food tastes revival in Polish cuisine, by adding cream, fruit or pickled vegetables or spices moderately severe, or horseradish, onions and mustard. Vinegar is produced in the Polish cuisine in sour wine and cuisine known vintage, vinegar is mainly used for marinades and maintenance, but to a lesser extent than in other countries
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Traditional Polish dishes is a real calorie bomb, but which we are tempted. Polish cuisine is rich in meat dishes prepared in many ways. We particularly recommend dishes such as stew, pork chops, dumplings and cabbage rolls (more dishes described below). Poland is famous for its excellent bread and delicious sausages.
The basic ingredients used in Polish cuisine include: pickled cabbage, beets, cucumbers (cucumbers and gherkins), sour cream, kohlrabi, mushrooms, different types of sausages. Dishes owe their unique taste appropriately selected spices such as marjoram, dill, cumin, parsley and pepper. Among the sweet reign cakes. A typical meal is indicated Polish vodka, which facilitate digestion.
Polish cuisine as well as many dishes borrowed from neighboring peoples, using a multiple rules Jewish cuisine. Polish menu is constantly enriched with new flavors, sometimes even exotic. In addition to restaurants serving Polish specialties also arise more and more restaurants specializing in Asian cuisine, Italian or French cuisine, and vegetarian.