Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I have never been to Australia.
I have had this MP3 player for more than a year.
I have already finished my homework for tomorrow.
They have already eaten.
Have you ever been abroad?
She has never received a Valentine card.
They have known Pat for 5 months.
She`s already finished the book.
I have never seen her there.
We have just bought a new car!
He hasn`t read it yet.
They have been friends since May.
She has already gone home.
I have lived here for 7 years.
Have you ever done anything really crazy ?
I have known John since last summer.
My parents have never liked English humour.
Who has talked to dad about it yet ?
He hasn`t gone out for three days.
James has worked for this company for ten years.
I have never been to USA.
I haven't done my homework yet.
He has gone to Europe.
I have just finished dinner.
He has broken his leg and now he can't walk!
I've already read this book, it's boring.
He hasn't opened the parachute yet, he's going to die!
She has already arrived at the hotel.
John hasn't talked to his parents yet.
I have just phoned my mum.
We've already finished our project.
They haven't come yet.
I have had this car since Monday.
He has lived here for 10 years.
I haven't talked to her in 5 years.
We've never been there before.
They haven't found it yet.
I have just came back from a trip.
Unfortunately, she hasn't found her passport.
We've never climbed the Eiffel Tower.