Na podstawie poniższych informacji napisz pocztówkę do koleżanki uwzględniając :

-Gdzie jesteś
-Co można tam obejżęć i co przedstawia pocztówka
-czy podoba ci się to miasto i dlaczego

1,Berlin Germany
3,lots of shopis
5,Berlin dome



Dear Kate,
Greetings from Germany! I'm now in the capital - in Berlin. There are a lot of great museums, which I try to sightsee - today I saw Egiptian Musem and it was awesome!
This city is fantastic! I love it! Mostly I enjoy lots of shops (I bought great shoes!) and wonderfull clubs - this city never fall asleep!
I miss you,
P.s. In this postcard you can see Berlin Dome, which I see from the window of my room in the hostel.
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Hi. I am in beautiful mountains. I can here see the real highlander. is buried with beautiful city since there are unusual houses here.