Napisz pamiętnik jakbym się znalazł na bezludnej wyspie w 3 czasach

1 dzień (w czasie przeszłym)
1)jak się znalazłem na wyspie??
2)jak długo już tu jestem??
3)kim jestem??
2 dzień (w czasie teraźniejszym)
1)opis wyspy
2)co robię każdego dnia?
3)co jem?
4)co robię teraz?
3 dzień (w czasie przyszłym)
1)plany na przyszłość (z konstrukcją going to)

Proszę o napisanie w miarę dobrze na ocenę 3+ 4 w prostych zdaniach



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
It was one year ago.My mum told me that we have to go to America because she had new job. I was excited. I thought thai my dreamc came true. When I was flying to New Your city my plane crashed. I think tha only I survived. It was terrible. I was crying but I knew that I must looked for cost. I found it. My name is *** and I am 16 yers. I think that I 'm tall and fit. I have got dark hair and blue eyes. I love playing guitar and volleyball. I don;t like school. My island is small. There is a lot of trees and no one live here. There is a small river too so I have got water enoough. I like my tent. I'm safe there. Everyday I lokk for food. It's not nice but I haven't got choice. I always read books and magazines which I had one year ago. I swim in the sea and think a lot about future. I eat bananas, oranges and fishes. I am happy that I have got it. Now I am sitting and looking at the sea. I' m thinking about my family. I don't know what about them. I'm a little bit sad. I'm eating banana and drinking water. It's horrible. I will be free. I will come chome. I think that my family found me and everything will be good. I will sit in my rroom and I will watch TV. I'm going to see my country and town. I'm going to meet my family and be happy.