Nie wiem jak nazywa sie ta osoba ale zostawie luke albo dam jakies inne :D

I want go to Roma because Roma's beautiful town. One can travel at museum, and all things. I think this town is very popular because
Roma've all things.

I go to Roma with Lucy because Lucy's my favourite friend. I like her. I know her all my life. She's my confidential friend.

I wanted to go to Rome because I like watching a very old monuments, and also I am interested in the Roman gods. I wanted to go there with my friend, I wanted her to go because I really like her and trust her.

Chciala bym pojechac do rzymu ponieważ bardzo lubie ogląda stare zabytki i interesują mnie takze bogowie rzymscy. Chciala bym tam pojechac z moją przyjaciółką , Chciala bym z nią pojechac bo ją bardzo lubię i jej ufam.

Proszę :)
I want to go to Rome, because there are a lot of interesting things. I like visiting places where I haven't been yet. I haven't seen many old monuments, so it would be a great place to see them. I'm curious to know all about Rome's culture. I've heard it's really intersting.
I'd like to go there with my new friends, beacause it would a great occasion to meet oeach other much better. I hope I will go there as soon as possible.

Wszystko poprawnie gramatycznie :) mozna przepisac i mam nadzieje, ze bedzie 5 :)