Napisz list ( 100 słów ) do kolegi opisując siebie swoją rodzinę. Prosze zeby to nie były zbyt skomplikowane zwroty. Czas Present Simple. Z góry dziękuje ( mam dwóch braci Mateusz i Michał , moja mama jest bibliotekarką a tata ma firmę )



Hello Max .

How are you ? Are you still in College ? I'm in High School. last year so I'm excited.
Thank you for your letter. I want to tell you a bit about my family.

You know myself so I'll tell you about the rest of my family. I have two brothers. One is called Mateusz and the other one Michał. My mother works in library. My dad has got his own corporation.

I think you should tell me some information about your family.
I have to go to my extra english lesson now.

See you soon.

Love ( Twoje imie )

Dear Tom,
I am so sorry that I havent written for so long but I've been very busy.Probably do not remember me anymore, we met at the colony by the sea. Remind you how to look.
I have red hair and big blue eyes. My skin is very pale, and freckled. I am of average height, and I have a slim figure. I told you that I like to sing and dance. Well, maybe so much about me.
Now maybe a little about my family. I have two brothers Mateusz and michał. Are very nice. My mom works in a library. Dad has his own company.
I hope that now you remember me.To hear.

your friend