They are the main heroes of serial: The Mía, Miguel, Diego and Robert who got to know oneself on holiday preparing to beginning occupations first semester at of the prestige school Elite Way School. Rebellious, despite significant differences between me they, uncover common passion, joining them to spite every prejudices. Love is to music this great passion. It is our heroes' mentor Enrique Madariag, the well-known writer and former scholarship holder Elite Way School, the teacher of ethics which inculcates his pupils the integrity and stately behaviour as well as it expresses the war of infamous "Loży".

RBD then team rock - latino came into being in Meksyk which brought fame serial youth Rebelde with 2004 year. Girls' three in his composition comes in: The Anahí, the Dulce of Marí and, Maite Perroni; as well as boys' three: Alfonso Herrera, Christopher Uckermann, Christian Chávez.