Pasta with delicious sauce

? 50 dag of pasta
? 50 dag of mince meat
? 1 can of tomato pomance
? 1 big onion
? 3 spoons of olive oil
? 2 spoons of flour
? Cayenne
? Pepper
? Salt
? Herbs
? Green parsley
To give meat good taste use cayenne, pepper and salt. Put small pieces of mince meat on hot oil and fry it for some time. Next cut onion and add it to meat. When onion gets red color, add tomato and 1 ? glass of cold water. Whole cook for 15 minutes.
Mix flour with ? glass cold water and put it to boiling meal. After some time add green parsley and herbs. Flavor sauce as you want.
Boil a pasta, put it on plates and use hot sauce to top.
Przepis na spaghetti:
- an onion
- 4 tomatoes
My favourite smoothie
You need two apples some milk a glass of cream some strawberries and two spoons of sugar. Put everything in the blender and whizz for four minutes. Enjoy your smoothie