8th February 2010
Dear Sir/ Madam,
I would like to apply for the job of full-time (zawód) in (miejsce), which was advertised
today 8th February 2010 in “Gazeta Wyborcza”(np)
On the (data) I have completed my studies at the (nawza uniwersytetu i miejsce np. politechnika wrocław). I have passed the exams with grade 5. I am a 24 years old, and I feel I would be well-suited for this position. I also have good organizational skills. Everybody see me as cheerful, imaginative, careful and fair person.
For the past three years I have been working as a volunteer in the Zoo. Before this I worked as reporter in local TV. I speak English and some German.
I have enclosed a copy of my CV and I would be glad to attend an interview at any time convenient to you.I may be contacted at the above address or by telephone on 555 553 495.
I am looking forward to your reply.

Your faithfully