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A hundred years ago , New York was a very different place from the huge ,important city it is today .Most people lived and worked in Lower Manhattan.
Many people lived in tenement apartaments.They were very small flats and in some of them there weren`t even any or balconies either.On hot summer nights , people climbed up to the roofs to sleep ! In those days there were no parks so most children played on the sidewalks or in the streets.Nowadays , Manhattan is a busy,medern and very popular area of new york .A hundret years ago ,people wanted to move out of the area ,but these days most new yorkers would love to have a Manhattan address!



A handred jers egoł, Niu Jork łos a wery diferent plejs from de hiudż, important siti it is tudej. Most pipul lajwd end łorked in Lałer Manhatan. Meny pipul lajwd in tenment apartaments. Dej łer łery smol flots end in sam of dem der werent iwen eny or balconis eider. On hot samer najts, pipul clajmbed ap tu de rufs tu slip! In those dejs der wer noł parks soł most czildren plejd on de sajdwolks or in the strits. Nołwdajs, Manhatan is a basi, medern end very popiular area of niu jork. A handred jers egoł, pipul łonted to mów aut of de area, bat des dejs most niu jorkers łud low tu hew a Manhatan adres
A handred jirs egoł, niu jork wos a wery diferent plejs from de hjudż important siti it is tudej. most pipl liwd tenement apartaments. dej łere wery smal flats end in som of dem der łerent iwin ani or balkonies eiter. On hot samer najts, pipl klimbed ap to de rufs to slip! in thos dejs der łere no parks so most czildren plejd on de sajdłalks or in de strits. Noładejs manhatan is a busi medern end wery popiular ari of niu jork. a handred jirs egoł pipl łonted to muw aut of de ari bat des dejs most niu jorkers łud low to hew a manhatan adres