There is six people on the photo.
The girl is giving an apple to the man.
Another girl is sunbathing.
The man on the left is raking leafs.
The couple behind the man are talking.
The Sun is shinning.

In the picture I can see 5 people who are close to a white house. In the foreground there is a man in his mid fourtties and about 13-year old girl. She has got long streight brown hair and is wearing a white top and navy blue dungarees (ogrodniczki). She's giving a red, tasty apple to the man who is smiling and holding a basket with a lot of apples. On the left bottm cornet there is a man with grey hair and glasses. He's wearing jeans and a polo shirt. He's raking leaves.
In front of the house there is a couple of talking people who are sitting at the table. Close to them on the right there is a woman in red bikini (bathing suit). She's sunbathing. In the backgroun there is a white house with big wondows and red roof. It has a big garden with a lot of trees and different plants which are everywhere. Some of them are even cevering the house. It's so green there. The weather is lovely. Sky is blue and the sun is shining. I think people in the picture are femily and they seem to enjoy their life. I'm sure they love spending time together.

bardzo prosze o naj :)