b)How can we stop global warming? Use the prompts below to make suggestions, as in the example

Useful language: We could, A good idea would be, One way is to Laws must be passed to, Sometimes must be done to, People should be required to

*use less fuel
*use public transport
*recycle rubbish
*ride bicycle more
*plant more trees
*use unleaded petrol
*use less aerosol spray
*put filiters on factory chemneys
PRZYKŁAD:People should be requred to use less fuel. A good idea would be to use public transport instead of driving your car.



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Global warming can be very dangerous for us. How can we stop it?

I think a good idea woluld be to use less fuel and use unleaded petrol. People could use public transport instead their own cars. People should be required to recycle their rubbish - it isn't difficult, but it's important. We could plant more trees too, because it gives us air. We shouldn't use as much aerosol sprays as we use. It can be good when we put filiters on factory chemneys.

We should take care of the Earth beacuse it's our house.