Napisz dialog według wskasówek:
answer the phone->ask for tickets. give the name of the concert, the date and number of tickets. adults or children?->say the prices of the seats that are available->say which price of seat you'd like->tell the customer the total price. ask for the customer's credit card number->give the number->ask for the expiry date->give the expiry date->ask for the customer's address->give your address->thank the customer and say you will post the tickets->thank the clerk and finish the call.



A : Hello, It's Cinema's City booking office.
B : Good morning. Have you still got a tickets for the concert ? I'd like to book tickets for Jamal's concert next Friday. It will a ticket for the guardian and twenty five tickets for seventeen-year-olds. Can we count on a discount ?
A : Yes of course, you can book a group ticket. We have seats available only in the stalls in the row A,B and D. Where do you want to ? One seat costs £50.
B : I want to book all the row D, please.
A : Ok, so the total price for the group ticket is £1000 and the guardian has a free entrance. Could you give me your credit card number ?
B : It's 2402 2111 2708 2505.
A : All right, and now tell me the expiry date of your card.
B : July 2012.
A : Your address ?
B : It's 15, Kwiatowa Street, {kod pocztowy}
A : Thank you. I will post the tickets tomorrow morning. They should be on Thursday.
B : Thanks. Hear you soon.