Napisz dialog pomiędzy sprzedawcą a turystą który chce kupić bilet (musi być: informacja ile kosztuje bilet, ile trwa transport i najlepiej żeby turysta zapytał się który według sprzedawcy transport jest najlepszy, wybór to: metro, pociąg, taksówka i autobus)
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
A: Good day.
B: Good day. In what can I help?
A: I would like to find out sie how much ticket it costs to Londynu?
B: This depends with what centre of transportation it wants to travel mister.
A: And what centres are accessible?
B: Underground, train in our case is, taxi and bus.
A: And what are the ticket price?
B: The Merto is the dearest, and the the also best centre of transportation. Ticket his costs 30 euro then, train of 25 euro, bus 20 euro, and the taxi 15 euro.
A: And which he with centres be commanded by state and traveling?
B: The most often chosen transportation this underground. It is the quickest, and taxi on second place is despite afternoon corks.
A: This commands mister merto?
B: So. Underground according to me is the most effective centre.
A: And or he will approach to every place?
B: Think, that so, because station underground is in our city sporo.
A: I thank for information very.
B: I ask. We command on future.
A: Good bye.
B: Good bye.
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