In my mind shopping in shop is better than shopping online. I think that because if we make online shopping we really don't know what we buy and what will be the quality of bought product. Whats more When make we shopping online we can be cheated, because we can pay for the products and the seller can not send our things wchich was ordered by us. In addition if we go to the center of some shopping galery when we get into the shop we can try on the thnigs which are interested us and when it doen's fit we can try on ohter clothes. The same it looks with rtv and agd or ohter equipments. If it broke or when if it be aut of order we have a warranty and in taht case we will go to the shop when we bougth our product and we can get our money back, change product or get a new one.
According to me better purchases are in shops though online purchases are comfortable also. Treat in shops all we can on place try on. And there are no such luxuries in online purchases and we can always buy unsuitable thing. Purchases in shops guarantee us checked goods. Treat online purchases they guarantee us speed and comfort.