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Every man has his place of residence. Some live in cities, and others elsewhere - in the countryside. Place of residence may be a matter of choice, but also a necessity. It is, therefore, consider the advantages and disadvantages of rural life. The inhabitants of large cities often think about life in the countryside as a bad thing. I do not think they are completely wrong. We are living in the countryside away from city noise. Once people living in villages had no electricity, telephones. Now everything has changed and they have all the comforts that were once available to city dwellers. Life in the country, however, entails the ongoing work. If someone is holding a daily basis has to cope with difficulties arising from the care of animals, plants. Persons living in rural areas have to devote much time to work in its circumvention. Rural life has its great advantages, because it provides peace and quiet, no pollution, which have to wrestle people living in urban areas. People who live in rural areas are not, however, color of life. One major trouble is that in many places there is a well-organized transport, no theaters, cinemas and other entertainment. If the villagers want to participate in cultural life, they must simply go to the city. Another disadvantage of rural life is the fact that in such small communities, everyone knows well. Can not be in the country to remain anonymous and avoid gossip, which often interested residents of many villages. I hope that presenting the pros and cons of housing in the countryside I could see all the important features of such a life. I think that living in a small village town can avoid the hustle and stay close to nature, but residents of the cities it would be difficult to get used to hard work and lack of anonymity.
Each person has residence. Some live in towns, and others elsewhere in the country.Valuations give thought to over drawback as well benefit village life.We are on village from city noise living from afar .Sometime people commorant to board not myelin electricity , telephone.Life in the country however entails the ongoing work.If anybody has farm, then it must wrestle with subsequent difficulties from taking care of animals daily, plants .
Persons must devote on village on work time living a lot.
Disadvantages of rural dwellings:Some problems related to communications,Fewer large shops, We knows,Everywhere is far away.Advantages of rural dwellings: More silence and calm,The fresh air,Little people,People don't attach weight to clothes.:)