Napisz co najmniej sześć zdań o swoim domu lub domu swoich marzen. W każdym zdaniu mają się znaleźć któreś z tych slówek:
in front of, behind, between, next to, opposite, in, on, under, above

Przykładowe zdania:
Our flat is opposite a park
There are three bedrooms in our flat.



1. My house is located in a quiet and peaceful area OPPOSITE TO a big park which is full of green.
2. BEHIND it there is a spacious tennis court where I love to play with my friends.
3. IN my house there are 4 bedrooms painted in different colours so everyone has it's own, modern designed room.
4. The kitchen is the first room when entering the house and it's NEXT TO the living room.
5. There are comfortable, leather couches and a TV set IN FRONT OF them.
6. And on the wall ABOVE the firplace there is a large painting which I like the most in the whole house.

prosze, staralam sie jak moglam, pozdr. ;)
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My house has 200m² with besement which is under it. In front of it i has few little dwarfs. My room is on second floor and in it I have for exemple, guitar, computer, toys and many more staffs. Next to my bedroom, my sister has her room. Howewer, opposite of my room, my parents have their room so i can't do too much noise. Above my room i has garret. There is a lot of spiders and (i suppose) many more ugly animals and plants.. Behind my house, i keep my cars. I can see them through my window.
My house is a opposite the park. it's front of the big bunglow- house. It's between two nice shop. Nex to there is my sister' house.
In my beatilful house is big swimming pool. There are three bathroom in our flat. I like my house very much