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THE FILM IS SE IN-film jest osadzony w
IT IS BASED ON-oparty na
THE CAST INCLUDE-obsada zawiera
IT TELLS THE STORY OF-opowiada historie o
IT star-występuje w nim
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
In Saturday, birthday evening I had opportunity to look at splendid film "The Notebook". This moving tale about search love, about this, that strength rules had enamoured in me for first look men, clever to defeat the largest difficulties.

To be maybe recognise, that plot is banal, because she - Allie Nelson - comes from from rich house, and he - Noah Calhoun it - is poor farmer, dreaming about restoring old and wears out residence and residence in her with its sweetheart. And in fact, tale if would was tylko history their amorous vicissitudes, it envies and passion - this would be this next romance what plenty of - boring and foreseeable. But this tale has unusual second gout - here we on second plane which action happens simultaneously, look at two men. They are then old men, spending in house care, which across common reading diary, narrator about fates our young heroes, they make friends and to does not know what they become for me important. Title diary and for one, and for second will play key part.

If you want to know what, I command this film warmly.
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