Yesterday I went to the cinema. I watched Avatara was naprawde super. I went there with my friends it was super after the show poszlismy entire packet to ice-cream. through five hours siedzielismy and rozmawialismy. When wruciłam home I sat down to the computer and zaczełam to write with acquaintances but in five minutes the mum called me naduł. Niebyłam from it satisfied but cuż parents... About 9.00 he jingled with the evening domnie telwfon I not-knowed oco walks spoke jakiśdziwny voice przestaraszyłam sie. But pużniej as it turned out he was it muj friend but with atrocious bulem throats. I had a word with him around puł hours and I went to myself into the room. He was it is for me a great day chciałą in order to if only oneself still powturzył.