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As he walked through the forest, Johnny saw something blinking in the tree trunk. He looked inside and a bright flash blinded him for a moment. When Johnny revived, he noticed that he had been laying on a small clearing in the unknown to him part of the forest.
After first shock and amazement he decided to find a way out. He was just to start looking for a path when a strange voice of a drum drew his attention. Johnny headed in the direction where the sound came from. After a few minutes' walk he reached a small primitive village, where apparently some kind of a festival had been taking place. However, what riveted his attention is there were no men celebrating, women only.
Being a little started, he came out the bushes and said:
In a few seconds Johnny found himself surrounded by the whole tribe of Amazons. The eldest one (23ish) answered:
'Hello there. Who are you and how did you get here?'
'My name's Johnny,' he replied. 'I don't know how did I get here. I was simply walking through the forest next to my house. Something dazzled me and I revived on a clearing nearby. The sound of your drums lured me.'
'Does it mean you're a man?' the girl asked.
'Of course I am,' Johnny responded with a surprise on his face, 'can't you tell?'
'I wasn't sure. All of our men disappeared some time ago in a strange accident involving a herd of turtles. Don't ask. We have spent years searching a jungle for a men to help us with that whole 'having children thing.' And now here you are.'
He was more than happy hearing that and resolved never to pinch himself. 'When can I start?'
'Just right now, if you like. The children are over there.'
'Children?' said Johnny, this time with the grim of disappointment.
'Yes,' informed a girl, 'We found more than enough men for the first bit. This jungle was full of tribes whose males were only too willing to volunteer. But we're much too busy having sex to raise the children ourselves, so any other men are assigned the task of looking after them.'
He even didn't start thinking about the escape when the other girls took his arms and dragged hi to the kindergarten, chained to the closest tree and ordered to start taking care after the children.
One of the girls looked at him and said: 'Don't worry, the rest of your life will just fly by if you concentrate on changing nappies and not trying to escape in any way.' She looked puzzled. 'Why are you pinching yourself like that?'
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