-Oh, hi! I'm looking for some jeans.
-What's your size?
-Mayby this one it's really colorful
-Can I try this on
-Of course, changing room's are here
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
-Good morning!
-How much are these pants?
-10 Euro
- And is there anything cheaper?
Yes, of course, have the same pants in the price of 5 euros.
-a I like I take them.
already-packed ... 5 euros
- Please.
-Thank you and invite you again.
-Hi. Excuse me, do you have these trousers in smaller size?
-Yes. They're on display.
-Could I try on this size? Where can I try them on?
-Obviously. Changing room is on the right side.
-They're to long for me. Could you shorten them for additional free?
-Unfortunately, we don't shorten clothes.
-Oh. It's a pity, but I get this trousers. Where is the till?
-Here. You get this trausers at a reduced price, okey?
-It's super. Could I pay cash?
-Here is the money. Can I have one more carrier bag? This one has a hole in it.
-Thank you, good bye.