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Agnieszka Chylińska (born May 23, 1976 in Gdansk, Poland) - Polish singer rock, and pop dance'owa. In high school began to refer Agnieszka Chylińska some musical success. Singer has been rewarded many times and been nominated for various awards as best singer and songwriter. Were Frederica, PlayBoxy, contests organized by musical statement. At the moment it is judged in TVN Got Talent!. October 23, 2009 she released her new album-Modern Rocking, in the style of dance, recorded with producer duo PLAN B - (Bartek and Mark Piotrowski, rabbit). The album became a huge commercial success, winning the top best-selling albums in Poland-OLIS, and obtaining (in the first week of sales) went gold [8], but after three weeks of platinum status.
March 14, 2009 at TVN episode series was aired Nanny, in which Agnieszka Chylińska impersonated a high school friend Frani May. gnieszka Chylinska has a son, Richard. Her elder brother, Laurel "Varien" Chylinski is the drummer for death metal.

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