Siema . ;d pomożecie? mam zadane wypracowanie z angoola na 1OO słow about my winter break ! napiszcie mi jakieś propozycje . xd mój email : [email protected]



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
To zalezy jaki jest twoj poziom i co naprawde robiles, jezeli mozesz wymyslac to napisz:

I was in Switzerland on my Winterbreak. It was graet. There was very good weather all time. I and my family slept in a small and a beautiful hotel. I was skiing all days. The snow conditions were perfect. After skiing we ate dinner and went swimming. I love swimming and I am the best swimminger in my school. I love playing table tannis too. Unfortunetly there wasn't table tennis but it wasn't problem for me. One of day we was on Mt. Fort. This is the biggest mountain in the Switzerland. We've also seen Mt Blanc from this mountain.
I am so sad that it ended. It was ver, very good time.

Z gory sorry za ewentualne bledy. Pozdr.
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