Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Waiter: good morning
CLIENT: Good morning. I will bring to the table Ms.
CUSTOMER: Thank you.
Waiter: Here is your card
CUSTOMER: Thank you. I would like a hamburger
Waiter: Please wait a minute. Would you like to order something to drink?
CUSTOMER: Can I get the orange juice?
Waiter: Yes, of course. As soon as you bring order
CLIENT: thank you very much.
Waiter: Here you go. Here's your order. I wish you bon appétit
CLIENT: thanks
Waiter: Would you like to order dessert. We have a delicious fruit cocktail. I also recommend the delicious ice cream with different flavors.
CUSTOMER: Hmm sounds tempting .. I want this cocktail
Waiter: I give now
Waiter: so you a cocktail. I wish you bon appétit
CUSTOMER: Thank you. I have account?
Waiter: Here you go. Should be 45 Euros
CUSTOMER: Please. The rest for you!
Waiter: Thank you. I wish you a nice day and I invite you once again
CUSTOMER: Thank you and each other!
-Good morning. On the Menu please.
Hello, thank you, I will ask at the beginning of the non-carbonated water.
Waiter ... I would like to order.
-I listen to what the Lord?
I would like a large hamburger with double cheese, to the orange juice.
- The moment will bring.
- Please Mr. Hamburger. Maybe even a dessert for you?
Thank you. And what do you recommend?
- We have a delicious fruit ice cream and fruit.
They do ask.
- Have your meal.
Thank you.
- Please it your dessert.
Thank you very much. Please give me a bill
- Wait no longer bring.
-See you again.
Have a nice day. Goodbye

- Mutually. See you
-good mornig
-good mornig
-please it is menu
-ok thank you..
5minuts leter...
-I'm sorry you decide what do you want
-yes, please hamburger with extra cheese and orange juice.
and maybe some deser, maybe chocolate ice
-ok, wait a few minutes