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CHARACTERISTICS MEGO IDOL - POPE JOHN PAUL II Pope John Paul II - Karol Wojtyla, was born on 18 May 1920. in Wadowice. His father was a professional military, and his mother, Emilia with Kaczorkowskich, occupied the house. The future Pope grew up in an atmosphere of warmth and love. The school year was a conscientious altar boy and a talented student. His mother used to say it, that "Loluś will once great man." She died in 1929. In Wadowice school, which enrolled his father's acting talent shone. He studied foreign languages, practiced sports. He had an older brother Edmund and a younger sister, who died as an infant. Tall, handsome, gifted with a beautiful voice, he filled in many productions. John Paul II had a beautiful, penetrating dark eyes, which looked at each always with great love. Its nice, though mischievous smile illuminated the face of the greatest ponurak. Young face, crowned by radiating brightness and fine wrinkles of problems, problems to be faced, always remained young. Even at the time of death, glowing eyes and his smile faded not even for a moment. He never remained indifferent to the suffering of others, for whom he always had time. Gentle and calm for the people, know how to put on your love, calmness, tranquility and great energy. He could not sit still in one place. His speeches, sermons, preached with such conviction and faith that they aroused astonishment and emotion. He was able to convert the "good path". Sometimes fell into a deep state of meditation. Very quickly takes relevant decisions. For each problem, find a solution. His sacred person healed by prayer. As a boy, had a remarkable ability to learn. In later years, after the death of his father, discovered his vocation and decided to join the seminar. He was always a patient man. Sometimes showed persistence, especially in situations of slavery, the protection of others, or build churches. Could not be accused him of laziness! He shared all his faith in justice. Do not envy the wealth, it had a lot more - humility, modesty and love of the people of the world. Karol Wojtyla, who is responsible for the decisions, he was ready to face any consequences. Astonishing courage inspire respect. Elected pope, he was trust, love and admiration of billions of people. Regarded as an authority on time, never lost and always will be remembered in the hearts of the faithful as a shepherd stray sheep. My only beloved idol and role model is Pope John Paul II. I would like to be, although in some parts, such as he, to have so much warmth, love for his enemies, and faith in a better tomorrow. Great respect and friendship, which is the gift of Pope potrafiłabym not transfer to anyone else but for my family. However, it also takes an example from the successor story. I consider him as a spark, a drop of love that brought all war and strife to peace, and freed the world from unnecessary litigation. The Pope is to me as a friend, as a father, as a helping hand, you can count on in times of loss or grief.


JAN PAWEŁ II- is often called the pope - a pilgrim. He was a man worthy of imitation, which he loved young people. Established first in the history of the church prayer meetings of all denominations. He established a dialogue with the Jews. He made nearly 200 trips abroad, it has often been in Polsce.kanonizacje and beatifications - a significant achievement of the Church under the leadership of the Polish Pope. The most important messages of the pontificate of John Paul II are: respect for human rights and the right to work, the struggle for peace, opposition to totalitarianism, the new evangelization and renewal on a global scale, youth ministry.

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