Uzupełnij idiomy wyrazami z ramki a następnie dopasuj do nich zdanie o podobnym znaczeniu.

arm, chest, foot, hairs, heels, leg

1) to get something off your __________
2) to spilt__________
3) to twist somebody's ______________
4) to be head over ___________ in love
5) to put your_______________ in it
6) to pull somebody's __________

a) to be completly in love
b) to persuade somebody to do something
c) to upset or embarrass somebody accidentally
d) to tease somebody
e) to talk about something that has been worrying you for a long time
f) to argue about unimportant detalis



1 chest - e
2 hairs - f
3 arm - d
4 heels - a
5 foot - c
6 leg - b