October has been born in (to) 17 1973 year st. III Marshall Bruce Mathers Joseph, near kansas city. When lat (summer; year) had transmit (reschedule) along with mother for 11 detroit, where it grew. First work rap, which (who) has heard, there was " " authorship Reckless Ice'a-T. It admired except legendary pioneer also gangsta rapu Eminem LL Cool J, run (fleece) D.M.C. Redmana And group Beastie Boys. Lat (summer; year) have 14 begin taking a stand. It rendered with colleague from average school in (to) its (his) cellar of house case (together; time). They have been called Manix and nickname has been changed on from initials music (musician; composer) ( soon ) M&M Eminem.
Marshall Bruce Mathers III born October 17, 1972 in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.
His 17 year old mother split from his father a year later. He traveled with his mother after different
states. Permanently settled in Detroit, with the 12 years. Interest in rap began attending the ninth grade. He joined groups such as Basement Productions, the New Jacks, and D12.
In 1983 he was beaten by his pursuer. Marshall then began to fly collar ears, he lost consciousness. He lay there for ten days in a coma, doctors do not rule out worst-case scenario.
Came out of that, but his problems have not ended. Quite the contrary. Potentiated the conflict with the police
and small stature boy became a victim of violence, which touched him in school. But his love rap is not passed. Only his talent stood him in school. Most of their free time to spend with my uncle Ronnie \ 'm, who was older than he just about 2 months. In 1991, Ronnie
age of 19 committed suicide. Probably because she threw it. A few days
after that event, Marshall is not spoken. Closed in peace. For a long time was closed in itself. By the environment was considered a recluse. On the left shoulder, we can see a tattoo of motive: \ "Ronnie RIP \". It was he who introduced Mathers little rap in the world.
At the funeral of his mother Debbie said to him: \ "It is a pity that it is not you \".
His relationship with his mother were not the best. Was found in her mental illness.
Once was happy and immediately was angry, furious, and the partition I am irritated. Bila
without reason, locked in a room.
December 25, 1996 she gave birth to his daughter, Hailie Jade Scot. bore the name of his mother because
at the beginning did not admit that it was his daughter. Was quite poor and he could not afford to keep themselves let alone a child.
In 1997 he called the radio. conducted the program, which began rapping.
Heard by a man who was the entrance to the studio. Asked are: Who is he?
Invited him to the studio. Then recorded his first album with record label subsidiary of FTB.
INFINITE not been appreciated by critics. The exterior has been called immature.
Occurred at the beginning of the nickname M & M's, but all that was associated with the famous
groszkami. Has become recognized in Detroit, but did not give him satisfaction. He worked in casual work for minimum wage. \ "I was not even afford diapers for my daughter \ '- so today, describes the moment. \ "Recording all of their lyrics make available on tape and asked them for feedback \" - says
was a colleague from work. One of the tapes given to people who had input to the Aftermath label.
One day, Dr. Dre contacted Marshall and found the tape on the floor of his record label. They agreed to meet. \ "I was very surprised that he wanted Dr. Dre to work with me \". I had to invent an alter-ego. the entire parcel D12 Marshallese had the most serious trouble finding the names of his other personalities. Sitting on kiblu \ "Shady \"
stuck in his head. And, so \ "Slim Shady \". \ "Then pyslałem one million things that rhyme with that. \"
Coming to a meeting record was dressed in a yellow blouse. Also had yellow hair. \ "It looked then like a bird Twifty \"-laughs Dre. As he said: \ "I have never worked with anyone so good \"
Dre said, adding \ "unless the Snop Dogg \ 'iem \"-adding.
They recorded two pieces: \ "My name is \" and \ "Forgot About Dre \ '. The first one was a huge hit
which everyone sang. \ "People began to associate me and respect \". The second piece also won enormous popularity. Since 1999, when the single, \ "My name is \" appeared on the market for a white rapper became a sensation in the world. Paul Rosenberg, his manager advised him to change ksywy.
Since his name is known today formed a new wszyskim his name em and I no longer have
exist. Created em in em. That is Eminem. His stage name was associated with him. "I had nothing to lose, but something to gain" - so described this moment in life.
But his success eclipsed family problems. Who caught his wife kissing the other guy in the club. Eminem not stand it and threatened him with weapons, beat. The case went to the prosecution and the same
Eminem was not the best one to mention this event. A year later he recorded: \ "The Slim Shady EP \".
This album was characterized by sharp indignation as to belittle him in the previous album.
The closing piece of the disc \ "Just Don \ 't Give A Fuck \" became a huge hit.
Then, Dr. Dre took a young, white rapper under his wing and became his producer.
\ "I advised against cooperating with the white rapper \ '.- Today, says Dr. Dre.
His mother brought the lawsuit on her son's speech in the song \ "Cleanin \ 'Out My Closet \", arguing that this had affected its reputation, and was on the verge of mental collapse.
Requested $ 11 million. The process of losing. Slim gave her 25 thousand U.S. dollars, and forbade her to meet her granddaughter, Hailie.
The year 2000 was a breakthrough for Eminem. Recorded an album \ "The Marshall Mathers LP \ ', which beat records of popularity. He went to the Guinness Book of Records. In the first week of sales in rozszedł
circulation of well over one million seven hundred and fifty thousand copies. After the success of this disc
bought a house. In addition, he founded his own record label \ "Shady / \". It took the entire team
D12. In 2001 they released their joint album \ "Devils Night \".
A year later, gave \ "Eminem Show \", who held first place on both sides of the ocean.
in 2002 occurred in półbiograficznym fimi \ "8 mile \". The soundtrack for this movie was very high. For the song \ "Lose Yoursel \" got an Oscar. As the only rap in the world.
The song has occupied first place everywhere and contributed to the rapid and violent
accelerate the careers of Mr. Mathers.
He founded his own clothing line "Shady Limited " with which he dressed his young fans.
In 2004 he released two albums, "D12 Word " together with the group D12, and his solo album Encore '
This album contains humorous lyrics and crazy, by means of which this album is very distinguished from the others. Shady wanted to officially end his career. In 2005 he published a compilation Hitów "Curtain Call: The Hits ". Announcement of the rest of his career was wrong. Eminem, as he said he had not meant to end his career, but a temporary leave. "People often twist my text ".
14 January 2006 Eminem re-married his wife, Kim Mathers was. He claims he did it for the good of her daughter. After only 83 days after the wedding they decided to leave.
April 11, 2006 his best friend is also a member grumy D12 was shot.
lost $ 1000 and pulled out a gun during an argument. Then a security guard shot him, mortally wounding him. First, the separation from his wife after the death of a friend. When these two events have imposed on yourself by Eminem closed in on itself. As I have already returned home later, he had to hire a personal trainer
a monthly cost him 17 thousand U.S. dollars per month.
4 December 2006 released the album, but not solo on it but there are rappers with Shady Records.
This tile is known from the fact that Eminem was returning to the show raperski throne. This plate is more criticized. This is not a solo album by Eminem. Eminem has announced that it will not take long joint album with D12 and his own solo album, proving that the draws is the same as Slim Shady \ 'm in the time Marshall Mathers LP, claiming that the next album will be his best yet.