Cracow is a beautiful city. There is a lot of Antiques. There is one of biggest castle in Poland. There are proceed many performance and fun on market.
There is a river of Vistula. Around Vistula is a lot of green.
There are historic churches. There are many monuments of famous people.

Kraków to piękne miasto. Istnieje wiele antyków. Jest jednym z największych w zamku Polska. Istnieje wiele kontynuować działania i zabawy na rynku.
Nie ma rzeki Wisły. Około Wisły jest mnóstwo zieleni.
Są to zabytkowe kościoły. Istnieje wiele pomników sławnych ludz
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My favourite city is of course Warsaw.This city is capital of Poland
so in here must be great.In this city you never are boring.You can do what you only want.Here are so many interesting places, and you must see all of that.For example a Presidential Palace or Palace of Culture and Science.I In my opion it is the most popular place for hikers.
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