Michael didn’t really like adventure but that day he had no choice. He was on vacation with his parents in Hawaii. The sun was shining and the sky was blue. Michael decided to go for a swim.


He started swimming in the ocean. The water felt warm and pleasant. Suddenly, he felt something touch his feet. He looked down but he couldn’t see. He started swimming back to shore. Again he felt something. This time he saw a long, giant creature. Was it a fish? Was it a snake? He swam harder. The creature was now wrapping itself around Michael’s feet.


Michael screamed: "Mother! Father! Help! Bring a knife!"


His parents quickly jumped in the water and yelled: "We’re coming. Hang in there!"


Michael kept swimming toward his parents. Finally, he reached them. His mother grabbed his arm and his father quickly stabbed the monster several times until it released Michael. The family quickly swam ashore. Michael was exhausted and scared, but safe.


When they looked at the water, they saw the sea monster slowly disappearing into the water.

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