Uzupełnij tekst.Użyj a,an,some lub the.

What do you need?Some vegetables,of course!And _____ rice.You can use:_____ onion(one is enough),_____red pepper,_____mushrooms,_____beans,_____big carrot,_____cabbage-about 100g is enough.And you need_____oil for frying.Oh,and don't forget_____large frying pan!
First,wash _____ vegetables.Then peel hem with _____ knife.Chop _____ onion,carrot and cabbage.Fry everything in _____ oil.After that,boil _____ rice in a saucepan and add it to _____ vegetables.Mix _____ rice and vegetables in a dish.Serve it in bowls and eat with forks.

Proooszę szybko.W miejsca kresek wpisz a,an,some lub the



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What do you need?
Some vegetables,of course! And some rice.You can use: an onion(one is enough), a red pepper, some mushrooms, the beans, a big carrot, some cabbage - about 100g is enough. And you need the oil for frying. Oh, and don't forget a large frying pan!
First, wash the vegetables.Then peel hem with a knife. Chop an onion, carrot and cabbage. Fry everything in the oil. After that, boil the rice in a saucepan and add it to a vegetables. Mix the rice and vegetables in a dish. Serve it in bowls and eat with forks.

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