Road Piter
How you know I went on holidays in mountain. It is here great. We with parents go every day to tour city and neighbourhoods. All the time is sunny weather and heat is very. When we come back this I walk on pool and on gyms in hotel. Parents said me that we will would climb apeak tomorrow Tatr from hotel group and guide.
I greet [tutaj wpisz swoje imie]

Liczę na najlepszą. Pozdro
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
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Dear [imie twojej/twojego kolegi]
How are you? I am having a fantastick time! I am lying on the beach, reading a book and eating an ice cream. And I can see the jungle and huge mountains.

Some people are having a party on the beach. I am having a great time!Hope you are having a good time. See you soon!

[ twoje imie]
Dear (Jakie tam chcesz imie)

I am in London. This is very beatiful city. There is the Big Ben and the Eye of London. I would like to stay here for a long time, but i must go to school. The weather is fine. We walk in the city and we meet new friends.
I want to play basketball with british children tomorrow.


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