Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
One day during my holidays I lived in a wooden house ,close the forest with my familly. I was really excited because we lived in Americaa.It was raining outside. My parents left the house and went shopping while me and my brother/sister were telling each other stories about ghosts. Suddenly I heared a loud voice from the bathroom. We were all scared but we slowly moved up to the doors, and then... we saw a hudge ghost. However the ghost was in a dress . She was eating our dinner. She had long black hairs and her face was white .
We felt really strange and scary , we started to run away. We were running r fast but the ghost was flying really close behind us. We runned down to the old hotel but no one was there !!! We runned to the fire department and we telled them what we saw but they didn't believe us! Then the ghost came there too. We pointed on it but the officers was acting like they don't see anything . However when we left they started to laugh. We looked bechind us and we saw our father laughing so much. That was just a joke but it was scary.