Sprawdzicie mi list na anglika?? prosze

Dear Kate!!

I'm Marta . I'm writting to you to tell you about Lublin - my city , friends , and my school.
Lublin is beauty city in south-east POland . My city isn't very big but isn't smalll. In Lublin there are many shops , shopping cente and restrauranst.
There's also an old castle and old town ( in old town you can do good photos)/
When you want yo have some relax you can go to the park for a walk.

My school is big. Student have 4 languages to choose from : English, German . French and Spanish. I leran 2 languages : English and German , and they are ma favourites school subjects, Our school has got lecture theatre , 2 gymnasia and gym.

In Monday and Friday I go to english school. In weekend I meeting my firend and we go iceskating , schooping or for a walk. I very like iceskating. Sometimes we go to fast food and cinema when is good film. In weekend i'm also relaxing of course too.

It'a all for now.
jak tam jest cos źle to mi napiszcie jak powinno być poprawnie
Bye Marta



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Moim zdaniem napisałaś to superr ;d
Bez rzadnych byków .!